We have spent the past six months focused on starting and growing our fund. Allow me to explain who we are, and how we’ve grown our portfolio.

Condor Decentralized Digital Assets Fund is an open-ended, fully-anonymous cryptocurrency fund available to individual and institutional investors. We currently operate two funds.


Trend is a fund that actively looks for investment opportunities in a “weeks to months” holding period. Our investments are based on trends and fundamental events. At times, investments will also come from a high-quality ICO. We place a great importance on looking for underpriced, high-value tokens. The portfolio correlates with bitcoin 95% of the time. In the fund’s beginning, our performance was approximately 90% of Bitcoin’s performance.

The ideal investor in this fund accepts high-risk for high returns. The goal of this fund is to maximize  Price per Share. We accept that there may be times when the fund loses value. So far, we have acheived approximately 400% returns over the last three months.


MarketMaker is a fund that makes markets mostly on BTCUSD pair in multiple exchanges. MarketMaker is currently in alpha version and available only for individual investors who we are familiar with. Buying CMM token is temporary, just like buying bitcoin. The primary goal of this fund is stable equity growth.

The ideal investor in this fund is likely to be more risk-averse or one who expects major corrections in cryptocurrency markets. We expect this fund to perform as well as Bitcoin, without the volatility.

This section is intended to provide weekly reports of our portfolio and fund performance.