How to sell COT tokens (ERC20 type)

How to sell COT token with MetaMask plugin, MEW and Coinbase on


In How to buy token we bought token(s).


Here i will show you how to sell  COT tokens.

Create order

Open page and select Sell

Fill how much tokens you want to sell

Fill address where to send ETH after sell (your address)

Submit order

After pressing send button you will see transaction status with all important data. You will see how much token(s) to send, where this token(s) send and how much you will receive ETH.

Open MEW page

Click on “Send Ether & Tokens”

Fill address what you got from Submit Order and how much tokens you want to send.

Gas Limit will be more higher than Gas limit for Buy tokens because this is not a normal Ether transaction. This transaction is calling Smart contract code and is dynamic.

Click on “Generate Transaction” then on “Send Transaction

Confirm modal with “Yes, I am sure Make transaction” or reject it with “No, get me out of here!”

MetaMask window will show up. Then you can confirm transaction pressing “Submit” or rejecting it with “Reject”. This window will create real transaction in Blockchain.

Then in MEW window you will see green modal places in bottom of page with links on “Verify Transaction” and “Check TX Status

That’s all. Now you can wait and check the status of transaction until it will be completed.


In case of complications please contact our Support.