How to buy COT tokens (ERC20 type)

How to buy COT token with MetaMask plugin, MEW and Coinbase on

Find your ethereum address in MetaMask.

Click on MetaMask icon (In browser right top corner) then click on three dots and click on `Copy address to clipboard`

Preparing funds

(skip this section if you already have Ether in your wallet address)

Open Coinbase page

Select Ethereum icon

Select or register new payment method (Credit card or bank account)

Buy Ether

Now you should have Ether in your account

Buy tokens 


Calculate how much Ether you will need to buy a tokens

Follow “Preparing funds” step

Fill Amount of COT tokens with amount to buy and Ethereum address where you want receive tokens

After form is submitted you will see this screen with your new data

Send Ether

Open MetaMask

Select “MetaMask/Mist” option and click on “Connect to MetaMask” button

Fill “To Address” and “Amount to Send” with details you received from step “Buy Tokens

Gas Limit” leave as it is. Bigger limits send Ether faster if you need.

Click on Generate Transaction

after getting “Raw Transaction” and “Signed Transaction” you can click on “Send Transaction


Check your sending data and confirm them by pressing “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction” button

Webpage will open MetaMaskconfirm transaction” modal

!! DOUBLE CHECK !! all data before pressing “Submit” button

Reject” button close transaction

After pressing “Submit” button you will see in MetaMask new Transaction in Sent tab.